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About NADA

NADA is an acronym for the National Automobile Dealers Association, which is an organization that represents nearly 20,000 dealers worldwide. The organization is almost 100 years old and provides advocacy and outreach assistance to dealers in the form of informational guides and federal lobbying services. NADA also seeks to enhance relationships between consumers and dealers by supporting information for vehicle financing and by providing information to advocacy groups. The association issues press releases and studies on demographic information and trends. One of NADA's most important reports is a consumer guide that details prices and overviews of new cars, used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, Boats, RVs, and Mobile Homes. NADA serves as a powerful political group for its members, and since 1990, NADA has collected over $20 million for campaigns.

NADA members can be registered dealerships. Members receive advocacy services with respect to dealers and manufacturers, regulation bulletins, media relations, outreach services, conference discounts, training and education discounts, and discounts computers. NADA also provides services to help dealers write job descriptions.

NADA Vehicle Pricing Guides

NADA's guide is available online. Consumers can use the database to research prices, safety information, incentives, rebates, and photos. Other useful tools include price comparisons, dealer quotes, free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checks, and the option to read car reviews. There are a variety of ways to search for information including make, model, body, style, and top of vehicle. NADA also displays popular reviews and search option. There are also tools to help consumers compare cars and allows consumers to research the most compared cars. Guides are available for used cars, classic cars, boats, RVs, manufactured homes, and motorcycles.

NADA has been publishing used car guides for over 70 years. Hundreds of thousands of people read these guides, including representatives from banks, financial institutions, lease organizations, dealerships, insurance agencies, and government offices.

NADA Guide vs. Kelley Blue Book Guide

The Kelley Blue Book is a guide similar to NADA's, but there are subtle differences. Kelley Blue Book provides resources for new cars and used cars in addition to information regarding loans and insurance, car listings, and classified advertisements. The Kelley Blue Book website also provides dealer price quotes. Both guides serve a purpose for different kinds of users. For example, Kelley Blue Book does not provide information on boats. NADA also includes a separate category for classic cars, while Kelley Blue Book does not. Many people may prefer to use one guide over the other based on needs and personal preference.

Here is an outline of key differences:

  • Kelley Blue Book ranks used vehicle conditions as Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.
  • Kelley Blue Book also accounts for repair, transportation, and selling fees when determining wholesale values.
  • Kelley Blue Book finds information by visiting auctions nationwide.
  • The NADA Guide is the official guide used by dealerships
  • NADA has access to exclusive dealer data including retail sale information
  • The NADA Guide says that it only includes vehicles in "very clean" condition. This description might not be an accurate portrayal of value. Users might expect their cars to be worth a little bit less.
Last Updated: December 26, 2011
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