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If your business or company attends trade shows, gift bags should be a part of your marketing efforts. The gift bags that you hand out to those attending the trade show will ensure that your company is remembered after the show is over. There should be some great materials inside the gift bag so that your recipients will be able to contact you for more of your great products.

There are some companies available that will design and produce the gift bags for you. These are generally marketing and advertising companies that are specialists in these types of marketing efforts. This is the best approach to take if you are not willing to deal with the production of your gift bags on your own. The decision of what to include in the gift bags is entirely in the hands of the marketing company relieving you of the burden of these decisions.

How it Works

The gift bags that you hand out to attendees of a trade show will have a remarkable ability to attract your potential customers. Everyone likes to get something for free and it is a lot more interesting than listening to a sales pitch. Your gift bags will show your customers that your products speak for themselves and you are willing to give them away to show how great they really are. It also helps those who are not ready to buy your products have all of the information that they will need to get in touch with you when they are ready to make a purchase. This allows you to reach a group of people who might not have been interested before. Not many people will stand around and listen to a sales pitch for a product that they are not interested in buying at that time.


If you choose the right gift bag, it is possible to encourage customers to spend more money and have a stronger image of the service/product. It is also important to consider that giving surprise gift bags are more important than advertised gifts in terms of their ability to raise customer satisfaction.


The cost of the gift bags that you will use is up to you. You can choose to include a coupon for your products or services. You can also choose to put your product right in the gift bag, depending on what it is, of course. The amount of money that you spend on your gift bag should be included in your marketing budget. The success of the gift bags will be relative to the amount that you spend on your marketing efforts. You can gain a great deal of attention with your gift bags at the next trade show. This is a marketing expense for your business.


Gift bags can be given to customers at any time to encourage them to keep coming back over and over. Whenever you think you need to satisfy your customers to the fullest, try giving gift bags.

Last Updated: December 21, 2011
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