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Direct Marketing

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Direct Marketing

There are many different marketing techniques that you can use to advertise your business and bring in more customers. One of the most common is the method known as direct marketing. In direct marketing you use different marketing strategies to directly meet the potential customer. Some of the methods of direct marketing include mailing lists, brochures, post cards, telemarketing, and catalogs.

Mailing Lists

Creating a mailing list is a very easy technique that can reach a large number of people. With mailing lists you can create a list of potential clients and send letters describing your company or business. The list of addresses can be taken from a local phone directory or online address book. Once you have the addresses you can send mail about holiday discounts, special offers, and different products offered by your company. One good idea is to concentrate on a niche customer base to maximize the benefit of using mailing lists.


You can send postcards to customers during special occasions or festivals to show that you care and appreciate their business. Postcards are like mailing lists but they have a personal touch and have less information. Using postcards is a very effective direct marketing technique and can be used along with mailing lists to gain the biggest advantage. You can also send postcards to prospective customers that contains information like your company address, website, and other details so that they may be able to contact you.


Another effective direct marketing strategy is distributing brochures. A well designed, colorful brochure can capture the interest of a stranger and turn them into a customer. Another advantage of brochures is that they can be distributed at a variety of places like fairs, malls and concerts. Almost anything can be printed on a brochure, including pictures of the products or services you sell.


Many businesses have catalogs that customers can browse through and order products from. Catalogs are a highly effective way to introduce new products that are produced by your company to existing and potential customers. When designing a catalog, pay special attention to the format, design and content. It should be both attractive and informative so that the customer can choose the products they want easily.


One of the most popular direct marketing techniques is telemarketing. This form of marketing has been found to be very effective in bringing in new consumers to a business. With telemarketing a representative from your company can talk directly to customers and showcase company products. Through telemarketing you can reach a very large number of people in a relatively short period of time. Information about the product or service can also be told directly to the customers. Many people may not be interested in reading mailers or brochures but are often willing to listen about your products from a real person.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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