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Billboards have been a powerful component of the marketing and advertising methods for a number of years. Many businesses still consider billboards as a tremendous advertising tool to spread the word about their products billboard advertising is an effective way to send out business information to a large number of people in a short period of time.

How it Works

You should find an advertising agency that handles outdoor advertising. The company that you contact gives you the opportunity to design the billboard that you want and assists you in developing a plan for getting the message up on the billboard. Your advertising agency can determine the schedule for the advertisements for the time period for which you pay. Most people use this method for getting started with billboard advertising.

You can also take a look online and search for advertising agencies that handle this type of advertising in your local area. Many companies advertise their products online and give you the opportunity to check out their locations to determine which billboard is the right one for your message and budget. This is a great place to get started on your research. Determine the areas where you would want to advertise your company and find the agency that handles billboards in that area. You can often find a company that has billboard locations all over the country.


A well-placed billboard, with the right message, has a greater ability to influence your customers than Internet ads and some of the other advertising methods that you generally use. When you place an ad on a billboard in a central location, you have an audience for your ad every single day. Consumers often cross by the same billboard every day and see the message on it. Soon, the billboard may become a landmark along their journey. Whether the consumer realizes it or not, the message that he sees on that billboard every day gets registered in his mind.


Advertising costs are often determined by their effectiveness. The return on investment is very good in the case of a billboard, and in comparison with some of the other advertising methods, billboards are a reasonably priced option. Prices for billboards have come down a bit in the recent times because of the availability of multiple alternatives to the advertisers. The cost of billboards can range anywhere from $700-$2,500 per month.


Consider the timing of your billboard advertisement. If you are planning to launch a new product, make sure that the product is actually available for sale before you put up your billboard advertisement. A special promotion should also be current if it is advertised on your billboard. You might get some negative results if you put up a billboard for a product that is not available for sale.

Last Updated: December 21, 2011
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