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Change Management

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Change management is the process of implementing changes in a system in a controlled manner guided by a certain set of rules. The changes are carried out in a respective framework with some or no modifications.

Modification of modules or segments of an organization from a current state to an enhanced future state is what change management is all about. Identifying departments in a corporation that needs change and the extent of change required to improve its position in the global market lies within change management.

How It Works

Every company designs a business model which helps in analysis, foresight, and a comparative study of competitors' businesses. A business should analyze the global market changes that influence it and also foresee future changes in the market, thereby introducing changes in itself that helps it sustain its economic growth and potential.

Implementing changes in a corporation with thousands of people in a controlled manner without disrupting the smooth operation is not easy. The difficult task often falls to a manager, whose skills and ability to introduce changes in a controlled way decides the regulated flow of work between departments.


Prior to change management processes, the business forecast and analytical study of a business helps determine the strengths and weaknesses of a company. Profit and loss studies, human resource management, workflow techniques, and company policies are then analyzed and changes are planned based on their findings. Change management helps a company adapt to a new set of company policies that may be introduced to compensate for market changes.


The costs associated with change management are the foundation costs for a business forecast or business model designed by a hired business consultant. Business analysts charge hourly rates or a fixed rate for a business model based on the size of the business.

Change management requires a team of professionals from either within the organization or an expert group from outside who also need to be paid. Employees are coached in terms of the new policies and workshops can be conducted with the aim of adapting to the new procedures.


Business forecast models and their assessment can take anywhere from a few days to more than a week. However, change management takes a lot of time and depends on the size of the organization. Depending on the extent of change in the company, the number of changes to be introduced has to be done gradually. For instance, a change from timesheets to fingerprint sensors in a corporation could take anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on the time it takes for analysis and reports of fingerprints of each employee.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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