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Before making important decisions, an individual will consider the pros and cons of a situation and whether or not certain paths have worked for other people. This is pretty much similar to benchmarking in the case of companies. In order to increase the productivity and move forward, you always look at other companies that are ahead of you, or you try to incorporate a few aspects of the top companies in your field. This is the only way to move forward successfully.

The process of comparing different business processes in order to identify the best practices is called benchmarking. There are many kinds of benchmarking such as: process benchmarking, financial benchmarking, performance benchmarking, product benchmarking, strategic benchmarking, functional benchmarking, operational benchmarking, and more.

How it Works

Benchmarking involves retrieving information from the desired sources, improving on it, and applying all the information that you have gathered to your own business or to the business for which you work. The first step is getting the information. This can be done through observation, research, and with the help of experts. You can also get information directly from the company. You will be able to find out information regarding their working hours, products that are popular, and more. You can also find all this online if you do a proper research.

All the information that you have gathered on your own or through another company should be put to use. You can also try to step up on the information that you have collected to make your system more advanced and perhaps more effective than the others. This is the leading path to how businesses grow and how companies enhance their standards. When one company improves on something, chances are high that another company would take it a step ahead. Be sure to select a benchmark company that is relevant to your business.


You can discover the answers to a number of questions through benchmarking. You can find out which is the best company in the industry and how can you become the best. When you find out information regarding various aspects, from workers and hours to the products that sell, you are in a way seeing what works well for people around. Such an analysis helps you in introducing well-tried out things to the company for which you own or work.


Besides the salary of your workers, the only cost that you may have to incur would be is the cost of the information. However, information that's easily accessible won't cost money.


Benchmarking should be undertaken periodically. Continuously searching and adapting to better practices will give superior results. Despite the fact that benchmarking is a time-consuming process, it can really do a great deal for your business by exposing it to leading-edge practices and giving it competitive superiority.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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