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Free Resume Templates For Future Job-Seekers

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A resume is one of the most important tools for acquiring a new job. Before you have your first phone interview, deliver your first greeting or give that first handshake, your resume is the only link between yourself and a prospective employer. While typos and spelling errors are definitely red flags for future employers, little things like the type of font you use, the consistency of your margins and the style of your borders can have an effect on a recruiter’s first impressions. Whether you are a new addition to the workforce, or making a career change after an extended stint with the same company, it’s extremely helpful to have a professional resume template to ensure you are keeping up with current industry styles and standards.

Many job recruiters go through thousands of resumes during a hiring phase. In a competitive market, you want your resume to stand out from the rest, without looking too gaudy or unprofessional. You want to present yourself as someone who pays attention to detail, but does so without going over the top. It’s like wearing a 3-piece suit to catch your recruiter’s eye, rather than sporting flashy red footwear. In other words, impress recruiters with a resume that is nice and neat, while leaving out the sparkly glitter and fancy font that makes your job experience and background completely illegible.

If you’re not sure what type of resume template represents you best, try testing the various options below.

Resume Template 1 Here is a two-toned resume template that is sure to stand-out. For a larger preview, click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 2 If you prefer displaying your contact information on the left margin, without the different color tone, try this resume template instead. Here, you'll find that all of your contact information is shown in the upper right corner of the page like the previous template. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 3 This is another variation on a two-toned resume, if the first resume template does not fit your preferences. With this resume template, your contact information is highlighted at the top of the page, rather than upper-left margin. This is a more common resume format. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 4 This resume template uses a more conventional style. Here, your contact information is enclosed in borders, with your name displayed at the top of the page. This is a similar format to the resume template directly above it, without the second color tone. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.


Resume Template 5 If you're looking for something that is very straight and to the point, then this resume template is for you. This template displays one of the most basic designs, nothing fancy, but very clean, concise and professional. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 6 The two-toned resume template may be a bit loud for some, even when using a subtle color like beige. With the resume template shown here, you get the two-toned look using a standard black-and-white design. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 7 Here is a slight variation on the resume template shown above. Try experimenting with the two to see which you prefer. Don't hesitate to get a second or third opinion. For an expanded view, click the thumbnail to the right.


Resume Template 8 This is a resume template that keeps everything aligned with the left margin. While it may not appear as aesthetically complex as the other resume templates shown, it still manages to get the job down in a clear and concise manner. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 9 The main characteristic of this particular resume template is it creates sectioned borders around each segment of your resume. Your objectives, accomplishments and work experience are in their own partition, while your education and skills remain in their own respective sections. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 10 This resume template is another common style. Here, the main headings for each section of your resume are displayed on the left column, with the corresponding information displayed on the right column. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 11 Here is another resume template that displays borders around each segment of your resume. However, it adds an additional partition between career focus (objective), work experience and your accomplishments. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 12 A resume design does not necessarily have to jump off of the page. A simple template can still be well received by some job recruiters who might appreciate a resume that is straight and to the point. For a larger view of this template, click the thumbnail on the left.


Resume Template 13 Similar to a business card, this resume template uses your name as the main focal point. Contact information is clear, but indiscreet, with your background and credentials listed neatly below your name. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 14 Here is another resume that puts an emphasis on each main heading and segment with the use of borders. Try comparing this resume to the previous ones to see which you prefer. Click the thumbnail for closer look.


Resume Template 15 Much like the previous resume template shown above, this template highlights each heading and segment with borders. However, each heading is displayed on the left column rather than above the corresponding information. Click the image to enlarge.


Resume Template 16 This resume template displays your name on the top left margin, while your contact information is shown on the top right margin. You can replace any of the main headings with section titles of your preference, if need be. Click the linked thumbnail for a closer look at this template.


Resume Template 17 Here is a slight variation on the resume template displayed above. With this resume template, further emphasis is added to each of the main headings with a different background color, adding a two-toned effect to your resume. Click the thumbnail on the left to display the full-sized image.


Resume Template 18 Rather than separating your contact information with a border, or just simply stating it at the top of the page, this resume template highlights this information in a bubble. Your background information, experience and credentials are listed below the bubble. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.


Resume Template 19 This style template reverts back to the contact information displayed in the upper left margin, and your main background information listed in the right column of the page. In this template, a two-lined border runs down the page to separate this information. Click the thumbnail for an expanded view.


Resume Template 20 Sometimes, all a resume needs is that extra something to help it catch a recruiter's eye. While this may look like a standard resume template, the blacked-out border at the top of the page adds a subtle touch to a clean and professional-looking resume. Make sure you click the thumbnail for a full-sized view of this template.


While a resume is certainly not the only part of the job recruitment process, it is a very important one. A person’s resume is their first “Hello, here I am, pick me,” to potential recruiters. Don’t run the risk of writing something that looks too bland, or too loud. Instead, test out the various resume template designs shown here to give yourself an edge over the competition. If after careful deliberation, you find that all of these resume template designs appeal to you, you could always just use a different one for every resume you send out.

Last Updated: January 20, 2012
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