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Hiring is an area of human resources that consumes both a great deal of time as well as effort of the human resource department professionals. Many organizations have an employee specifically designated to administer the tasks related to hiring.

There are many issues to discuss and work through when an organization hires a new employee. There are numerous laws governing the hiring process and human resources professionals need to be aware of these laws in order to help their company comply with those regulations.


Many issues need to be addressed during the process of recruitment. First and foremost of them is to find potential employees who will suit the type of job at hand.

The personnel involved in this process will need to determine the nature of the job, the education level required for the position, the length of time for which the hiring is to be made, the salary or hourly wage for the job, and the kind of training necessary for the new recruit to adequately perform in the position. All of these factors help in recruiting the best suitable employee for the available position.


The job seekers almost always are required to produce a resume which will help potential employers get to know more about the candidate, especially their qualifications and experience. The human resource personnel review all resumes for a specific position and organize them properly in order to select only the best candidates.


Based on the resumes, once the best qualified and experienced candidates have been identified, the human resources department sets up the initial round of interviews. The interviews conducted by the human resources department are the preliminary interviews that help determine a candidate's suitability for the position and whether or not the employee would fit into the company culture.

If the human resources department is headquartered at the main office, then the interviews are conducted at the local offices or retail stores. The department instructs the local employees on how to conduct a professional interview, the types of questions to ask, and let them know about any forms that a potential hire must complete. The resumes of only the candidates found appropriate at this stage are forwarded for further consideration.

Background Checks

Increasingly, background checks are being conducted for each potential employee. The human resources department may either have an employee especially designated for this task or may contract it out to other companies for completion.

Drug Testing

From the top-level management to the lowest level of hierarchy, most employers routinely test all potential candidates.

Most businesses do not have the expertise or facilities to conduct these tests in-house. Therefore, this task is often contracted to laboratories and other drug testing facilities.

While drug tests can be manipulated, they are quite effective in catching the most egregious offenders. This can save companies money in the long run.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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