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Insurance is an essential component of any business. It is a leeway for businesses to save themselves from problems that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. An insured company has the financial means to protect itself from the aftermath of the unexpected situation. However, insurance is not just a method of damage control; in fact, it is a requirement by the law. Companies that do not have suitable insurance can be penalized by the law. The same applies to companies that do not pay their insurance premiums on time and allow their policies to lapse.

Insurance companies handle insurances that are given to businesses. This insurance is in the form of a policy, which has a particular period. The period of business insurance is usually quite small, from six months to up to a year. Business insurance policies contain well-planned terms and conditions under which they provide coverage in applicable situations. These rules are binding on the insured companies. For instance, if a company has not taken due precautions to prevent a calamity such as not installing fire extinguishers, the insurance company will not cover for the damages that occur due to a fire. Insurance companies have the right to deny claims in case of flouted guidelines.

In case there is a calamity and significant material damage occurs, an insurance policy could help cover the damages that the company has incurred. The premium that the company has to pay is quite insignificant in terms of the claims that are paid out when a genuine circumstance occurs. Business insurance is a tax-deductible expense for companies. Hence, it could be a way to save tax. Companies can benefit from lowered premiums that insurance providers are offering presently because of the immense amount of competition in this industry.

Liability Insurance

This kind of insurance is taken for risky activities and the claims are paid to a third person. Liability insurance provides protections against unforeseen events, and is useful if the damage is incurred by someone else. Perchance, the customer or client incurs damage because of using your product or service, liability insurance can be used to cover the damages. Taking liability insurance for your business also protects it from law suits that may be filed against your company in case of any problem.

Property Insurance

Property insurance helps you protect your property from damage. You can use the insurance money to repair or replace property that has been damaged due to unforeseen problems or accidents. Many insurance companies offer different types of property insurance. Property insurance covers damage to property due to flood, fire, vandalism, or earthquake. The insurance claim depends on the premium amount that you pay.

Business Bonding Insurance

Business bonding insurance covers employees, especially those doing high risk jobs. The time of the policy may range from six months to one year. The insurance company may lay down certain specifications that need to be followed during the policy period. This may include the use of protective clothing and gear, wearing hard hats, or boots while working. Since this insurance typically covers workers, it would be helpful to the management to pay the employees in case of any unforeseen accident or damage.

Last Updated: February 4, 2013
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