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Retail Equipment

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Retail Equipment

If you're in a retail business, cash registers, credit card readers, bar code scanners, kiosks, promotional bags, and magazine racks are some of the things that you may have to invest in as part of the equipment. You have to create conditions in your shop that attract more customers and give a happy shopping experience to those who come to your retail shop. You can use things like mannequins and display cases to showcase the products that you have in your shop.

POS Equipment

Points of Sale Equipments (POS) are devices that are similar to electronic cash registers. This equipment helps you complete sales transactions efficiently and quickly. POS equipment has a computer monitor, receipt printer, drawer, scanner, and keyboard.

Postage Scales

Postage scales are a type of weight scale that is used to find out the weight of the outgoing mail. There are two types of postage scales, namely manual and digital postage scale. You can use these scales to reduce overpayment on outgoing mail. Based on the weight of the mail, you can estimate the postage cost.

Bar Codes

Machine-readable identification tags that are made up of vertical bars are known as bar codes. They are generally used to sort and track products and to make an inventory. There are different types of bar codes. The various zones or parts of the bar code are start character, data character, stop character, and the quiet zone.

Bar Code Scanners

Bar code scanners are used to read bar codes that are found on products. These scanners can be used to keep track of inventories and make transactions in the retail outlet. You can go in for a bar code scanner that is compatible with POS software and equipment. So, using these scanners you can automatically update products that are being purchased and make account of the transactions.

Cash Registers

Cash registers are used to record, store, and calculate sales transactions. These box-like registers are very important in any retail outlet. They are of two types of cash registers: mechanical and electronic. An electronic cash register can be used along with a bar code scanner; while in a mechanical one, the clerk manually enters the product code or price.

Credit Card Readers

Since many people prefer paying for their purchases using a credit card, it would be useful to invest in a credit card reader. These devices are used to read and process credit card payments. ID Tech, Pos-X, and Magtek are some of the major manufacturers of credit card readers.

Display Cases

You can use a display case to showcase promotional items for sale or advertising. A beautifully arranged display case is likely to attract lots of customers to your retail outlet. It also gives an idea to the customers about what you sell in your shop. Based on the amount of space that you have in your shop, you can go in for mounted display cases or standalone display cases. You can also add a glass door to a shelf and convert it to a display case.


Instead of renting a store that may be a little costly, you can go in for a kiosk which can be set up anywhere. You can set up kiosks in a mall or on sidewalks. Newspaper and hot dog stands are also types of kiosks. There are certain types of kiosks that are not used for sale but to give information about a particular service or product.

Magazine Racks

You can set up magazine racks in your retail outlet to professionally present your company's magazines, pamphlets, and brochures. If you have a waiting room for your customers, you can then put up magazines on a magazine rack that visitors can go through as they wait.


If your retail outlet deals with clothing, you can surely buy mannequins. These human like statues can be used to display clothing and help showcase the cut, fit, and fabric of the garment. They are generally made of fiberglass, which is light and durable and looks lifelike. Depending on the type of garment you want to showcase, you can choose a full sized mannequin or go in for bust mannequins.

RFID System

Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID,) is a technology that identifies products using radio waves. There are many advantages in using RFID when compared to bar codes. To read bar codes, you need a bar code scanner, though this is not required for a RFID. Though they are costly when you install them, they are cost effective in the long run.

Promotional Plastic Bags

You can have promotional bags printed with the name and logo of your store in which customers can carry their purchases. They are eye-catchy and advertise your store or retail outlet. You can also go in for biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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